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Pretty fun little tool that I will deem useless unless somebody can give me a practical use for this. Besides parking. Here’s a guy that got caught coming out of “New Century”

Sasquatch 2007


I’m sorry if you missed this years Sasquatch festival.. I will first list all the bands I was able to fit in to the 2 day show and will expand on the sets when I find the time. Just know that you missed out, big time. Saturday the slip hold steady two gallants electrelane neko […]

Great animated music video.

Goth Public Access

Swear to God




The time has come for The Office fans to unite, and what better place to do it than the city that’s home to Michael Scott and the rest of the Dunder-Mifflin staff – Scranton, Pa. “The Electric City” is celebrating the best comedy on TV by inviting Dunder-heads to converge on Northeast Pa. for a […]

  This is a San Francisco band who I will be seeing at Sasquatch this year.  More Sasquatch artists to follow leading up to the festival Memorial Day Weekend.