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911 Calls


People are ridiculous…

Selling a bag


Yes, that is the guy from Dirty Jobs.

Human Art Video


How could you not rock with a guitar like this?



I’m at a loss.

Travelling in the South Pacific, the passengers of the ‘Maiken’ yacht witnessed sand that appeared to be floating ON TOP of the water… Check out the pictures here.

Their 4th album is titled “Autumn of the Seraphs” and is due out on September 11th, 2007. 1. From Nothing to Nowhere 2. Barnes 3. Good to Sea 4. How We Breathe 5. Walters 6. Subbing for Eden 7. Devil You Know 8. Blue Harvest 9. Torch 10. Bouquet 11. Off by 50 I’m excited, […]

Michael Cera from Arrested Development is now making a pretty funny web-show with this Clark Duke fella. Check it out to see just how pretty-funny it is.

Even with “Kidsbeer” his cheeks are still getting rosy. Read the Top 10 Here.