12 Responses to “KNUFFELTJE KNUFFEL”

  1. 1 e78

    Something very tragic about this find. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than an accidental suicide, especially if it comes as the result of an act of simple courtesy.

  2. 2 e78

    by the way, what the fuck is a KNUFFEL?

  3. I was hoping you’d be able to tell me…

    quite a few people have come here searching for “KNUFFELTJE KNUFFEL”

  4. I want more!

  5. 6 Brian

    Seems like a loose translation is:

    1st Panel: Cuddly Cuddles
    2nd Panel: Bye, Mr. Toadstool
    3rd Panel: Bye Cuddles
    4th Panel: ???
    5th Panel: Death
    6th Panel: Profit!

  6. It’s not “Bye, Mr. Toadstool”. “Dag” directly translates to “Day”, which and is short for “Good day”. So it is:
    “Good day Mr. Toadstool”
    “Good day Cuddles”
    *rips off own head*

  7. 8 JohnDoe

    Any idea who is the artist or where the image is originally from?

  8. Nope. I’m lucky to even have gotten the translation.

  9. 10 Kumara v/d Gaast

    Hi there,, it’s probably Dutch or Belgium and “Knuffel” means litterly “Hug” 🙂 ..

    But can be used too as a soft doll in a shape of an animal for children. 🙂

    greetz from Holland

  10. 11 the pow

    its from a belgian magazine called HUMO.
    theres many more

  11. And drawn by Jeroom!

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