No Cussing Club


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6 Responses to “No Cussing Club”

  1. just downloaded that sh*t to my iPod.

  2. cussin’ is how we communicate ya tit!

  3. Admittedly, a lot of us cuss from time to time. Most of the time when we curse and it is not in anger, it is the lack of ability to properly express ourself. Good job, you will never regret trying not to cuss and I hope you will stay with it.

  4. Thanks Pete

  5. this is so fucking hilarious how these little shit heads think they can stop cussing. Fuck those bastards!


    wow, people, just wow, if the so called F word and the A-bomb were never meant to be said in the English language that we speak today, then why would they exist? Many of you cease to realise that even if you don’t like these words, they have become part of life, and saying Fimble, freckles or some other crap to substitute it makes no difference, in any way you still mean it in that context, THE F WORD will always exist in our mind, and because you acknowledge its existence and say something else, it just means you were thinking of saying it, so if you really want people to stop saying it, make them stop thinking it, OH you might as well just change the whole English language, do something like in George Orwell’s 1984, Change the language, change its meaning. But let me tell you this, You gay little boy who thinks FUCK is such a bad word, grow up and face reality, the reality is the world has grown to accept and even adapt to the change, you cannot dictate what people say and you cannot change the meaning, you’ve just changed how you said it, but the meaning is still there so before you critisize other people for swearing maybe you should not even substitute words for it, So if you ever injure your foot and are in pain, then Don’t you say freck, fimble or whatever the hell you say, SAY ” I BANGED MY FOOT, IT HURTS” BECAUSE THE INSTANCE YOU EVEN THINK OF SAYING A RUDE WORD YOUR CONTRADICTING WTF YOU STAND FOR. You think that just because your changing how you say it the basis of the whole thing changes, well guess what FUCK will always exist, It is English, and the the faster you accept that fact, the better it is for everyone.


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