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No Cussing Club


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 Francois Zanella, a 58 year old former mine worker has built a cruise ship at his home in Morsbach, Moselle in North-Eastern part of France. He started building his ship on August 10-th, 1994. By that time, he had already spent more than 3,500 hours designing in excruciating detail all the components of the ship. […]

This is very educational but the really entertaining part occurs at 3:53  

Japanese Pranks


Good work, Gumshoe!

If you haven’t heard, Radiohead is releasing its new album ahead of schedule and you can pay whatever you want to download it (1 penny or even 10 pennies). So, even without having heard one second of this album I recommend you download it here.

I got a dog!


He’s really well trained & I think I’m going to name him Laser