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 This is pretty cool, you can see “close-to” real-time updates to Wikipedia and where they are coming from.  As I’ve been watching, people have updated “Bebop and Rocksteady, Worcester Warriors, Pepsi, Electric Picnic”

Check it out, here.

Pownce Invites


I have Pownce invites to send out and wanted to offer it to anybody who leaves their email in a comment of this post.  If you don’t know what the hell Pownce is, you can read about it here.

New game from Adult Swim.

Pretty fun little tool that I will deem useless unless somebody can give me a practical use for this. Besides parking. Here’s a guy that got caught coming out of “New Century”



iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that monitors your music library and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts in your city. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and supports worldwide searches. I already use and can recommend tourfilter also